Smash My Wii
Questions you might have about the project
  1. What is this website?
    Due to success of the site we decided to take the whole smashing thing a little further, and destroy things right when they come out, in front of 100s of fanboys who would be quite upset to see their beloved game console smashed.

  2. Aren't you helping Nintendo by buying their product?
    I got nothing against Nintendo making money. This project only exists for the sole purpose of providing satisfaction to people who hate the Nintendo Revolution, or just like seeing the reaction of the people who just spend a day in line to get their hands on one of these consoles. Entertainment, nothing more!

  3. This is fucking stupid! You are an idiot! Why are you wasting money on this shit when you could help charities?
    If people want to help charities, they are welcome to do so. Im not forcing anyone to donate money towards this project.

  4. Why are you collecting money?
    Simply because I don't have $350 lying around the house that I would be willing to throw out for the entertainment of others. If everyone donates a small amount, then the damage to everyone's pocketbooks is minimal!

  5. Why are you collecting $340?
    Its a little more in Canada (14% sales tax) and the rest is to cover the Paypal fees.

  6. How do I know you won't just steal it?
    That question seems to pop up a lot. Im not going to steal the money because if I actually do this, I can make a lot more money selling the video rights, and advertising inside the actual video. And I simply love smashing things!

  7. How much can I donate?
    As much as you want. Just keep it over $3, since paypal takes a nice chunk out of it.

  8. How do you plan to break the Wii?
    We will do whatever we can. Just let it be a surprise
If you have any other questions, contact us
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Remaining: NONE
Goal: $340
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Ben Lovatt - $5
Gavin Douglas - $5
Kamalot - $25
Oscar Guzman - $5
Mandi Coneyworth - $10
Kenneth Aldinger - $15
Gower Ludwig - $3
Scott Zhang - $20
Matthew Michal - $10
Eric Uratchko - $5
Mandi - $20
Sam Molyneux - $3
Jason Gallagher - $3 - $10
Joseph Haynes - $5
Julie Harris - $10
Will Felber - $5
Jonas Brinck - $3
Chris Besse - $10
Sean Muron - $20
Adam Everett - $10
Jacob Ball - $20
Renaud Lepage - $5
James Espinoza - $5
Sparky Sparky - $3
David Cardona - $7
Mike Smith - $5
Rachel Converse - $10
Joe Veroni - $5
Robert Oberlies - $11
Stu Ferguson - $4
Susan Kim - $5
Marc Naseth - $5
Dylan Gaspick - $6
Andreas Iversen - $3
Celso Freire - $5 - $6
Carl Wagner - $49

Total: $340

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